When reality is not enough anymore, fashion surpasses itself creating parallel worlds in which INNOVATION becomes synonymous of IMAGINATION, giving rise to unique creations, aimed at surprising.


-This gives rise to LEPLÀS, a world shaped by pure creativity through the manufacturing of a completely innovative, soft and so moldable material as the most attractive dreams. Overall protagonist of the Leplàs creations, indeed, is the special ecological plastic with which they are made, that gives the product an extraordinary texture, resistance and waterproofing, without forgetting STYLE.


The whole production of the Made in Italy brand is related to artisan methods and principles, together with ever advanced techniques which are able to materialise a product with character and design able to always anticipate fashion and trends.

The Leplàs bags also stands out for the several styles, the original graphics and they are never similar to something already seen and the NUANCES are able to revolutionise the fashion accessories world, becoming a MUST HAVE toshow off and stand out. Trend creations beyond all imagination, ready to dictate the rules of the fashion system, mixing design and innovation, offering freshness and glamour for those who are always looking for solutions to never go unnoticed.

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class”


When class and style meet Leplàs



A collection to eat with the eyes



Make the dream come true: give yourself Leplàs